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Through our consulting services we offer advice covering a wide range of FGas Compliant Air Conditioning Services for HVAC systems that contain refrigerant. With over 22 years industry experience this includes HVAC Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance, Repair, Decommissioning and TM44 Inspection services throughout Weybridge, Surrey, Sussex, London and Kent to manufacturers standards.

We help clients with interim and permanent support for a range of Hard FM contracts. This includes HVAC asset validation, condition reports, asset lifecycle reports, maintenance plans for CAFM systems, critical spares lists, contingency planning and disaster recovery plans.

Our customised HVAC reports and plans are tailored to clients facilities specific requirements, offering a unique approach compared with an out of the box approach. This helps clients maintain Manufacturers warranties for their Air Conditioning systems, ensuring competent air conditioning companies are completing the correct maintenance tasks at the correct frequency.

We work with clients to understand their quality, time and budget expectations in and around Weybridge, Surrey, Sussex, London and Kent.

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Under the FGas Regulation 2015/2067 only qualified and accredited companies can work on Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heat Pump systems containing FGas Refrigerants. Depending on a systems refrigerant charge measured in Tonnes CO2 Equivalent (t CO2-equiv) it includes minimum frequencies for refrigerant leak testing, documenting refrigerant leak testing, refrigerant repairs, refrigerant additions and refrigerant removals. Since 2018 non-compliance of The Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases (Amendment) Regulations can result in Civil Penalties of up to £200,000 within the UK.

Our consulting services provide independent assurance to clients that their Air Conditioning systems are worked on by engineers with the appropriate qualifications, such as FGas Category 1. We do this through a network of companies that are members of the appropriate accreditation schemes, as required under FGas Regulation 2015/2067.

This ensures clients facilities comply with their Aircon FGas Refrigerant obligations during installation, commissioning, decommissioning, repair and maintenance services.

The industry sectors we cover are industrial, commercial and residential clients.

We work to the highest standards which ensures the highest quality Air Conditioning parts and equipment are used on our clients facilities. This is combined with our dedication to service quality, providing clients a consistent top quality service throughout Weybridge, Surrey, Sussex, London and Kent.

Air Conditioning FGas Compliance Services


The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) came into effect 4th January 2011 and places requirements on building owners that have combined comfort cooling capacities greater than 12kw to have accredited TM44 inspectors complete regular TM44 inspections of thier Air Conditioning sytems. Non-Compliance can result in a £300 fine, but there is no legal requirements to act on any of the recommendations highlighted within the report.

There are two types of TM44 inspection for Air Conditioning in buildings known as simple (level3) and complex (level 4) systems that require completing every 5 years in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

TM44 inspection services cover a visual inspection of the Aircon systems and their associated refrigeration equipment, air movement systems, controls and documentation. It also provides an estimate of the existing buildings cooling load compared with the installed Air Conditioning system.

Minimum requirements of the TM44 inspection report include potential Air Conditioning system energy efficiency and improvements, a review of faults identified during the assessment and recommendations, maintenance suitability and potential improvements, installed controls including settings suitability and potential improvements, comparison of estimated cooling load with the installed system and areas for improvement plus a findings summary with highlighted key recommendations.

We are certified through Elmhurst Energy Systems Ltd and our TM44 inspection service helps your buildings Air Conditioning comply with the EPBD for simple (level3) and complex (level 4) systems covering Weybridge, Surrey, Sussex, London and Kent.

TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection
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