Our Air Conditioning Service covers a wide range of Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance, Repair and Decommissioning of Industrial, Commercial and Domestic systems. Products covered range from Single-Split, Multi-Split, Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) / Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) to large scale Water Cooled Chillers, Air Cooled Chillers, Dry Air Coolers, Evaporative Condensers, Cooling Towers and Air Handling Units (AHUs).

This includes helping clients with Air Conditioning FGas Refrigerant Compliance (along with Ammonia (NH3) and Hydrocarbons), Refrigerant Leak Detection, Refrigerant Retrofits, Refrigerant Leak Repairs, Emergency Repairs, Maintenance (Reactive, Fixed Time, Condition Based and Reliability Centred Maintenance), Condenser Coil Cleaning, Evaporator Fan Coil Unit Filter Cleaning & Replacement, Condenser Fan Replacement, Evaporator Fan Replacement, Compressor Replacement, Compressor Overhauls, Oil Analysis, Vibration Analysis and Thermography, TM44 Inspection, Asset List Surveys, Contract Mobilisation Support, Condition Surveys / Dilapidation Reports, Contingency Planning, Temporary Hire Cooling, Critical Spares and Parts Lists.

We explore some of these services briefly within the next section below:

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Aircon Service


We work with clients on a wide range of Hard FM Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance Contracts. This includes developing Reactive Maintenance, Fixed Time Maintenance, Condition Based Maintenance, Planned Preventative Maintenance and Reliability Centred Maintenance Services that help keep their HVAC systems operating energy efficiently in line with budgets.

Aircon Service & Maintenance plans range from a single mandatory compliance visits each year through to static sites comprising of multiple asset visits to support clients agreed contract scope. Maintenance contracts are designed to minimise the impact on our clients business facilities by being scheduled for a combination of normal working hours, out of hours working and planned shutdowns. Each maintenance visit includes the necessary labour and / or materials to complete the specified service. This changes as each air conditioning system progresses through a combination of both its lifecycle and clients infrastructure demands, taken into consideration during the clients contract review.

Example pre-contract information would include an asset list of the Air Conditioning equipment however, often clients do not have this information and we can support generating this. We also help collate information for other items including equipment spare parts lists and condition surveys to help support maintenance contract mobilisation along with future OPEX / CAPEX planning.

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Aircon Service & Maintenance


Air Conditioning Service & Condenser Coil Cleaning contracts are popular because they include deep cleaning of partially or fully blocked Air Conditioning Coils. This helps remove the accumulation of dirt and keeps your AC system operating consistently within dirty environments, reducing downtime.

Overtime dirty Air Conditioning Condenser Coils contribute to high discharge pressure, decreased energy efficiency, increasing mechanical wear & tear and the risk of high discharge pressure faults. Our Aircon Service identifies where regular cleaning is required as part of a facilities maintenance strategy to sustain AC system availability.

One of the reasons Air Conditioning Air Cooled Condenser Coils become contaminated over time is due to them pulling in the local air and any contaminants through the Condenser Coils Fins. We work with our clients to design suitable Air Conditioning Service plans that are proactive, customising the Condenser Coil Cleaning frequencies based on various factors such as the criticality to a clients business, equipment location and run hours. Cleaning of the AC Air Cooled Condenser coils can use a combination of brushes, pressure washers and chemical cleaners to improve overall system performance.

Air Conditioning Water Cooled Condenser Coils that comprise of a Shell & Tube arrangement are also covered by our Aircon Service. With condenser water typically flowing through the tube bundles, each water cooled condenser is designed for a predetermined water fouling factor tollerance to support sufficient refrigerant heat transfer. Depending on each Water Cooled Condensers level of water treatment, overtime the water flowing through it leaves deposits that need to be removed from the tube bundles. Where possible our AC Service Contracts can help with chemical cleaning of the tube bundles to remove deposits. Alternatively, condenser end-plates may be removed to access the tube bundles, providing access to each tube for cleaning with brush tipped rods.

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Aircon Service & Condenser Coil Cleaning


Air Conditioning Service & Fan Coil Unit Filter Cleaning & Replacement contracts are popular because AC filters become blocked and require regular cleaning to maintain system reliability.

Dirty Aircon Fan Coil Unit Filters increase the pressure drop across the Air Conditioning coils, resulting in higher fan and system power consumption while decreasing indoor air quality due to lower particulate filtration.

Air Conditioning Filters range from cleanable to replicable and cleaning frequencies will vary depending on the local environment e.g. gyms and retail environments generally block more frequently than offices, data centres.

During the Aircon Service cleanable filters are removed and either brushed or vacuumed clean prior to replacement. Replaceable AC filters are removed, disposed of and replaced with new to the specified filter rating.

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Aircon Service & Filter Cleaning


Air Conditioning Service & Condenser Fan Replacement / Evaporator Fan Replacement contracts cover a wide range of fan blades and fan motors.

During the Aircon Service we complete a series of maintenance checks to check for potential or actual fan failures.

Air Conditioning Condenser Fan Failure will increase system discharge pressure and if unresolved can result in system high discharge pressure faults.

Aircon Evaporator Fan Failure will decrease suction superheat across the coil, resulting in lower suction pressure and increased risk of low suction pressure faults.

We are experienced in both AC Condenser Fan and AC Evaporator Fan maintenance, helping clients reduce the risk of HVAC system downtime.

Our team works with clients on sourcing a wide variety of OEM Air Conditioning Condenser Fan and Evaporator Fan parts.

This includes complete AC replacement fan assemblies, fan motors, fan blades, fan guards, etc as part of our total Aircon Service offering.

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Aircon Service & Fan Replacement


Air Conditioning Compressors can fail for multiple reasons such as electrical contactor failure, mechanical wear & tear, crank case heater failure, refrigerant flood back, oil pressure failure, poor oil level control, pressure transducer failure and many more.

AC Service contracts help provide regular servicing to reduce the risk of failure and maintain system availability.

We are experienced in developing Aircon Service contracts for clients that cover open drive and semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, screw compressors and centrifugal compressors from manufacturers such as JCI, York, Sabroe, J & E Hall, GEA Grenco, Carrier, Daikin, McQuay, ThermoCold, Tranne, Lennox, Mitsubishi, Airedale, Frick, Grasso, Gram Copeland, Howden and more.

Hermetic compressors generally cannot be overhauled cost effectively, so we help clients source and install direct replacements for the aforementioned OEMs along with Fujitsu, Hitachi, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba, LG and other products.

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Aircon Service & Compressor Replacement