We work with clients on Air Conditioning Repair Services on an interim or perm basis, assisting with compliance and assurance of works. Example Hard FM HVACR equipment includes Water Cooled Chillers, Air Cooled Chillers, Dry Air Coolers, Evaporative Condensers, Cooling Towers, Air Handling Units (AHUs), Single-Split, Multi-Split, Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) / Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) and Building Management Systems (BMS).

In addition to this we also provide support in other areas such as Condition Surveys / Dilapidation Reports, Contingency Planning, Temporary Hire Cooling, Critical Spares and Parts Lists.

Some examples of our Air Conditioning Repair Services throughout Weybridge, Surrey, Sussex, London and Kent are shown below:

Air Conditioning Repair Services


Refrigerant Leaks are frequently one of the most common Air Conditioning & Refrigeration faults and we are highly experienced in completing Air Conditioning Refrigerant Leak Repairs on Chillers, VRVs & Multi-Splits and Heat Pumps.

How an Air Conditioning Refrigerant Leak is repaired depends on both the system type and location of the refrigerant leak. For example, some leaks can be repaired without having to remove the refrigerant charge, while others require the full systems refrigerant charge to be recovered to complete the repair.

We help clients ensure engineers completing the works have the correct accreditation such as CAT1 Accredited Refrigerant Handling. Once a refrigerant leaks location has been identified we work closely with clients to develop a suitable repair solution that reduces reoccurrence by using methodologies such as root cause analysis.

For more information on FGas compliance please see our page on Air Conditioning FGas Compliance here.

Air Conditioning Refrigerant Leak Repair Services


We have many years experience in repairing Air Conditioning systems Air Cooled Condensers, Water/Glycol Shell & Tube Condensers, Water/Glycol Shell & Tube Evaporators and other Plate Heat Exchangers.

Dirty or blocked Air Conditioning Condenser Coils are a primary cause of high discharge pressure faults and increased electrical power consumption, decreasing energy efficiency resulting in longer runtimes.

During system operation contaminants in the air are pulled through an Air Cooled Condenser Coil. These contaminants become deposited on the Condenser Coils tubes and fins decreasing its ability to reject heat or blocking the surface of the heat exchanger completely.

Our Air Cooled Condenser Cleaning contract review service is designed to identify improvement areas for removing these contaminants and unblock your systems condenser coils. This helps improve HVAC system heat rejection and performance, improving energy efficiency. Our specialist network of experienced engineers can then help achieve this through the use of industry specific high pressure washers, dedicated chemical cleaning agents and/or brushes to get your system operational again.

Air Conditioning Condenser Coil Cleaning Services

Over time Water / Glycol contaminants can also buildup within Shell & Tube Condensers, Shell & Tube Evaporators and other Plate Heat Exchangers, often resulting in flow switch faults. Flow switch faults can be caused by a number of factors such as external chilled water / glycol pumps not running, blocked strainers, air in the system, pressurisation unit failure, faulty expansion vessels, incorrect glycol concentration, damaged pump impellers, incorrect inverter pump speeds, faulty water / glycol control valves, faulty pressure transducers, faulty temperature sensors, etc which our engineers check as part of our investigation prior to recommending further invasive repairs.

Within Chiller Shell & Tube Condenser systems water / glycol generally flows through the internal tube bundles, which during normal operation are designed for a given fouling factor to maintain sufficient refrigerant heat transfer. Depending on the frequency and specification of system water treatment over time the water / glycol leaves deposits within the tube bundle that build up, reducing heat transfer and flow rates that impact system performance.

Our Air Conditioning Shell & Tube Coil Cleaning Repair Service works with clients to identify solutions for removing deposited contaminants and unblocking the tube, bringing your system back online by improving heat transfer.

Where practicable non-invasive chemical cleaning of the tubes is completed. However, this is not always possible and our network of engineers are able to remove the condenser-endplates, allowing access to the heat exchanger tube bundle. Each tube is then individually cleaned with brush tipped rods, removing blockages and deposits from the tubes increasing system efficiency.

Air Conditioning Shell & Tube Coil Cleaning


We work with clients to manage all types of Indoor Air Conditioning Fan Coil Unit Repairs. These range from Wall Mounted Units, Floor Mounted Units, Four Way Cassette Units, Concealed Ducted Units to large Centralised Air Handling Units.

Whether your system is tripping on a pressure drop fault due to failed fans, filters, electrical controls or you have water leaks due to faulty condensate pumps, blocked drains pans or drains our network of engineers can help.

Following initial investigation relevant new planned preventative maintenance actions including industry specific FCU tasks, filter cleaning and reviewing filter types to reduce the risk of future system failures are recommended to reduce reoccurance.

Air Conditioning Repair - Fan Coil Unit Repair & Cleaning Services


Repairing Air Conditioning systems Air Cooled Condenser Fans or Air Cooled Evaporator Fans are critical to the systems operation and we are experienced in repairing both Axil Fans and Centrifugal Fans.

Air Cooled Condenser Fans are used to remove heat from the refrigerant by pulling lower temperature ambient air across the coil, condensing the high pressure refrigerant gas into a liquid. When Condenser Fans fail it can cause the Air Conditioning system to trip on high discharge pressure fault. Where systems are operating with faulty Condenser Fan Motors or Fan Blades at higher discharge pressures but not in a fault condition, the compressor volume ratio and electrical power consumption is increased reducing efficiency.

Indoor Unit Evaporator fans help boil off the low pressure liquid refrigerant within the evaporator indoor unit by pulling higher temperature air across the coil. Damaged evaporator fans will increase indoor temperatures due to reduced airflow and heat being removed from the temperature controlled space. Depending on HVACR system type they can also reduce the amount of suction superheat back to the compressor, increasing the risk of liquid refrigerant flooding back and damaging the compressor.

During an engineers investigations they determine if the fan motors have burnt out due to things like electrical earth faults, damaged fan blades or impellers limiting airflow, checking the control panel single or three phase electrical contactors and electrical controls.

We work with clients to directly source all the necessary replacement parts and arrange for replacement to bring Air Conditioning system back on line. In some scenarios, we are also able to arrange for failed fan motors to be rewired and kept on site as part of clients critical spares.

Air Conditioning Fan Replacement Services


Air Conditioning Compressor Repair services cover a wide range of hermetic, semi-hermetic and open drive compressors optimised to get your equipment operating. This includes scroll, reciprocating, screw and centrifugal compressor types including magnetic bearing types such as the Danfoss Turbourcor.

Following an engineers investigations we work with clients to develop a full range of minor and major compressor repair services. This could range from replacing faulty electrical solenoids, capacity control valves, crank case heaters, temperature sensors, pressure switches, etc to full compressor rebuilds. Should it not be possible to rebuild compressors on site or there is an urgent requirement, we review the feasibility of a compressor service exchange.

Where compressor motors have burned out this can produce a chemical reaction between the refrigerant and oil with the system, resulting in high levels of acid that need to be removed as part of the repair. Depending on the Air Conditioning system type, refrigerant, liquid line drier cores and oil often require recovering and sent for disposal to prevent acid recontaminating the new compressors electrical motor windings.

Once the compressor has been repaired or replaced new acid burnout drier cores and oil are added to the system before completing a pressure/leak test/repair. Moisture is then removed from the system before new refrigerant is charged and the compressor load/unload operation checked. The compressor oil is then drained, disposed of and replaced several times to help remove any residual acid from the Air Conditioning system. This is checked using local acid test kits and/or laboratory oil analysis as required. Once all the acid has been removed from the system the refrigerant acid drier cores are replaced with standard moisture removal drier cores and a the system given a final running log before handover.

Air Conditioning Compressor Repair & Replacement Services