Welcome to the F-Gas Refrigerant & ODS Regulations: Category I – leak checking, recovery, installation, service and maintenance of equipment quiz which comprises of 28 multiple choice questions.

1. Which one of the following terms describes enthalpy?
2. On the diagram shown, process line 5 to 6 represents?

Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Pressure Enthalpy Diagram

3. The function of an evaporative condenser is to
4. Subcooling is established when
5. The most efficient operating temperatures for a chill coldroom designed to maintain a space temperature of +20C with ‘air on’ to the condenser at +32C are
6. Which one of the following refrigerants is most likely to suffer from changes in it’s composition after leakage from a static system?
7. Which of the following refrigerant conditions will provide a clear liquid line sight glass?
8. Which one of the following environmental issues is addressed by the Kyoto Protocol?
9. Which one of the following refrigerants has least impact on direct global warming?
10. The Energy Efficiency Ratio of a heat pump system is found from?
11. As the difference between condensing temperature and evaporating temperature decreases
12. Which ‘F’ Gas Category qualification is required to recover refrigerant from an air conditioning system which has a charge of 7.5 kg of R407C?
13. Which of the following saturation temperatures satisfies the BS EN 378 requirement for pressure testing the high side of cooling systems fitted with air cooled condensers?
14. Which of the following is most likely to increase refrigerant leakage potential from an air to water heat pump system? Excessive
15. Which one of the following is the correct method for transporting recovered waste compressor oil back to licensed waste manager?
16. The function of the compressor is to
17. Which one of the following conditions is most likely to indicate imminent compressor motor failure on a blast freezer system? The compressor body is
18. Which one of the following condenser types would run with the lowest condensing temperature?
19. A clean condenser on an air conditioning system leads to
20. For every one degree Celsius that the evaporating temperature is increased, cooling capacity
21. Which one of the following is most likely to cause the evaporator of an unprotected water chiller to freeze solid?
22. The function of an expansion valve is to
23. Which one of the following Thermostatic Expansion Valve superheat settings is likely to cause a system hermetic compressor to run continuously and overheat?
24. Which one of the following refrigerants is classified as an Ozone Depleting Substance?
25. Which one of the following international agreements is responsible for the phase out of HCFCs?
26. Which one of the following refrigerant hazards can make an affected person feel ‘high’?
27. Residual flux on the outside of a brazed copper pipe must be removed because
28. Which one of the following pipe diameters is most likely to fail when strength tested with Oxygen Free Nitrogen?